Welcome to 1912

Here at The Bell School, we offer your students the unique opportunity to step back into a 1912 one room school. With over 40 years of experience in public and private education, Arvil and Gerry Holt will lead your students through a geniune 1912 learning adventure for all of Augusta Georgia and the surrounding areas.

To Schedule a Trip

  • 1

    Talk to Gerry

    Give her a ring (706) 399-4995 or email her (

  • 2

    Pick a Date

    We will work together to find a great time for you to come out.

  • 3

    Download the Visitor Info Packet

    This document has all the valuable information you will need to have a great trip.

  • 4

    Print Out Student Worksheets

    These are found in the Visitor Info Packet. Be sure to print enough for everyone!

  • 5

    Enjoy Your Visit

    Show up on time and make sure everyone has his own Student Worksheet!