When you visit the school, Mr. Arvil and Gerry Holt will walk you through the daily activities and chores of 1912 school children.

1. From shelling corn to cleaning the chamber pots, Mr. Holt will identify the daily responsibilities of a typical 1912 fourth grader!

2. When the school bell tolls, Mrs. Holt will lead the students, (who are dressed in the attire of the day), in the Pledge of Allegiance.

3. Pupils will participate in an authentic spelling bee from an old “Blue Back Speller”.

4. A ciphering contest from Ray’s Arithmetic Book.

5. Using slate pencils, pen staff, and blotters, the pupils will practice the rules of good penmanship.

6. After a short history lesson, they will read from the pages of a McGuffy Reader.

7. After students eat a typical lunch of the day (brought from home), they will play popular recess games enjoyed by their forefathers.